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Aggressive, Experienced Attorney For White Collar Crime Cases In South Dakota

White collar crime charges often come about after an investigation by a state or federal agency or by a private company, possibly where the suspected person works. The time to get a defense lawyer on your side if you are the target of an investigation is right away. That is, as soon as you have heard rumors or received notice of an investigation, you need to get your defense strategy into gear.

With early legal counsel, you may have the opportunity to avoid being criminally charged altogether. At Andrews Law Office, you have the opportunity to work with a defense attorney with an uncommon defense experience background. Attorney Andrews is a former U.S. Department of Justice trial lawyer who was also a defense lawyer at a large law firm.

He is knowledgeable of all levels of the criminal justice system at the federal, state and local levels. Originally from Boston, he often receives referrals to work with clients from outside of the Rapid City, South Dakota, area, as well as local residents.

Protect Your Future In The Face Of White Collar Crime Charges

Whether you are Rapid City-based or from out of town or out of state, Andrews Law Office is a solid choice for your defense if you have been charged with a white collar crime such as the following:

  • Fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud or corporate fraud
  • Forgery or identity theft
  • Embezzlement involving funds from your employer or a nonprofit organization for which you have had a position of fiscal responsibility, such as treasurer
  • Wire fraud or money laundering
  • Securities fraud, such as falsifying information about stocks, bonds or loans that you were marketing to potential investors or borrowers
  • Any crime involving commercial transactions or any activity on the internet

The earlier you have a skilled defense attorney on your side, the greater opportunities you will have to resolve your case with the least punitive outcome, such as:

  • Dismissal of charges for lack of verifiable evidence against you
  • Reduction of charges
  • Probation instead of jail time
  • Suspended imposition of sentence (SIS) if your arrest is for a first-time offense and you meet the required conditions

No outcome is ever guaranteed in a criminal case, but working with a highly experienced, results-focused lawyer offers reassurance.

Reclaim Your Future By Contacting A White Collar Defense Lawyer Promptly

Your situation may not be as dire as you suspect if you get legal counsel right away. On the contrary, the outcome could be worse than you expect if you do not have an attorney to guide you through the defense process. Attorney Andrews can help protect your reputation and employment, if applicable, while your defense case plays out.

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