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Fight Back After Being Accused Of An Internet-Based Crime

Computer-related crimes in South Dakota and elsewhere often fall in two categories: financial crimes and sex offenses. At Andrews Law Office, you have access to a defense attorney with an uncommon depth and breadth of experience.

To tap into the benefits of working with a knowledgeable defense attorney with a strong focus on results for clients, turn to attorney Andrews for aggressive, effective defense.

Examples Of Online Crimes

The most serious internet crimes may be uncommon in and around Rapid City, but you need the best defense counsel you can find if you are charged with one of the following offenses:

  • Credit card fraud or any kind of fraud, conspiracy or identity theft
  • Creation, possession or distribution of forbidden images of children or teenagers
  • Solicitation of a minor

If you are accused of child pornography possession or a similar crime, your job may be at risk even before the criminal justice process is completed. In the digital world we live in, crimes of a sexual nature are even more tied to our devices. Get sophisticated counsel and advocacy from attorney Andrews as you are facing any criminal charges involving internet activity of any kind.

Why Contact Andrews Law Office?

Attorney Andrews is a former U.S. Department of Justice trial attorney with previous experience at a large law firm. After moving from Boston to Rapid City, he started this law firm and has built a strong name for himself in the area. He forms strong attorney-client relationships that help him build effective defense strategies for even the most high-stakes criminal cases.

Protect your presumption of innocence even if your case has attracted public scrutiny already. To schedule a no-obligation consultation with attorney Andrews, call 605-638-9728 or complete an online inquiry form.