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Experienced Drug Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with felony drug possession, you need to call an experienced drug defense attorney immediately to help you with a variety of state and federal charges. , in Rapid City, South Dakota, will provide you with step-by-step guidance you need throughout your case at the state or federal level.

Whether you crossed state lines with marijuana or you were in possession of other illegal drugs, attorney Paul J. Andrews can build a solid defense for you. In addition to general state and federal criminal defense, he has considerable experience with felony drug charges. The consequences for your charge may vary greatly depending on the amount in possession. Meet with attorney Andrews to discuss your felony drug possession case as soon as possible.

Challenging Any Felony Drug Charge

South Dakota has strict penalties for drug crimes including possession, trafficking across state lines, purchase and sale. Any drug charge is serious. However, there are some differences if you face charges related to:

Regardless of the severity of your charges, your rights are worth protecting. Attorney Paul Andrews has built a reputation for thorough criminal defense for drug charges at the local and federal levels. As an experienced trial attorney, he can offer an insightful review of your case.

Committed To Your Defense

Despite what your experience may have taught you, you have many rights in the criminal justice system. Those rights safeguard you against overreach by police and prosecutors, but those rights are not automatically respected. It takes the skilled advocacy of a dedicated attorney to secure your rights.

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