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The Increasing Trend Of Methamphetamine Cases In South Dakota

South Dakota has seen an increase in methamphetamine use in recent years. The authorities’ response to this fact is aggressive and punishing, often ignoring the rights of the people they pursue. People facing these charges deserve skilled, aggressive representation.

As a former Department of Justice attorney, Paul Andrews is intimately familiar with the criminal law process. His decades of experience allow him to provide a staunch, intelligent defense no matter the circumstances you face. He works with clients in Rapid City and across the state in these challenging, stressful matters.

Increased Penalties For Methamphetamine

The state views methamphetamine as a severe problem. The penalties for all crimes associated with methamphetamines are enhanced in relation to other drugs such as marijuana to combat that problem.

The increased severity means that:

  • Any amount of meth is considered felony possession
  • Higher minimum sentences in terms of sentence length and fines
  • Aggressive policing and investigation.

The specific penalties for a charge you face can vary based on the situation, so it is best to reach out to , for a free consultation to get a complete picture of your charges and possible outcomes.

Most Methamphetamine Charges Come From Traffic Stops

Police have a great deal of power during traffic stops, but that power is not limitless. They must follow strict rules and adhere to proper procedures. If they ignore these procedures, then that is an opportunity for your defense.

Police often utilize your unfamiliarity with your rights to conduct illegal searches and seizures of your vehicle. The results of these searches can leave you in a precarious legal position. You have every right to a vigorous defense that holds police to a high standard of conduct.

A Local Problem Demands A Local Attorney

South Dakota’s uniquely aggressive drug laws can put you into a difficult position, but attorney Paul Andrews can help. His reputation for skilled, ethical representation has earned him the respect of his peers. His toughness and success have earned him the thanks of his clients.

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