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A Skilled Violent Crime Defense Attorney Fighting Against Violence Charges

A person charged with a violent crime faces some of the most difficult legal challenges that exist. Those facing such charges must find legal representation with the will and experience to stand with them in these difficult times. You cannot afford to have an attorney who is not up to the challenge.

Attorney Paul Andrews has represented clients from Rapid City and across South Dakota in all manner of criminal charges. Violent crimes carry dire penalties and extremely high stakes. His extensive legal knowledge and strong reputation in court can make a real difference in your case.

The High Stakes Of Violent Charges In Rapid City

What makes violent crimes such high stakes situations is the extensive penalties you may face. There are severe and definitive penalties for such crimes as:

These penalties often include multiple years in prison. Even those not convicted of the charges they face can have their lives upended by the accusation.

Anyone accused of a violent crime has a highly fraught, uphill battle ahead of them. However, you do not have to face this fight alone.

Your Rights In A Criminal Trial

Criminal law is the pursuit of justice. To achieve a just and correct outcome, police and prosecutors must follow certain rules and requirements. Evidence must be accurate. Testimony must be honest. And your rights must be respected. Justice is an impartial pursuit of truth in this way.

However, the ideal of justice is rarely the reality. Police abuse their power. Prosecutors overstep. Evidence is misused. Witnesses lie. And if no one stands up for your rights, then you might start to think you do not have any. You deserve a defense attorney who will advocate for you with strength and conviction.

Can Disrespecting A Police Officer Lead To Assault Charges?

Being stopped by the police on the street or while driving can be startling, confusing and even frustrating, especially if you are in a rush to get somewhere. It is not always easy to talk to someone who can hold authority over you, like the police, especially if you feel that you are being unfairly targeted or detained. In a situation like this, saying the wrong thing – whether out of frustration or righteous indignation – can have serious consequences.

Under the First Amendment, you do have the legal right to be rude – even to the police. Swearing, offensive gestures and general disrespect won’t win you any favors from the authorities, but none of that is actually illegal. However, some police officers will “spin” the situation into a disorderly conduct or obstruction of justice charge, as a pretext for arresting you for “contempt of cop.” This is illegal and an example of a wrongful arrest.

You can also end up facing more serious charges if your words or actions are either interpreted as a threat of violence against an officer or actually violent. That can easily turn into a charge of simple assault (or aggravated assault if you are accused of using a deadly weapon). Examples of actions that cross the line from “free speech” into an assault on a police officer include:

In essence, any threat of violence, force or physical interference with the officer’s performance of their duties can lead to assault charges.

At Andrews Law Office, LLC, our violent crime lawyers are highly educated and experienced in defending clients who are accused of disrespecting the police. Our violent crimes defense attorney can evaluate the charges against you and defend your interests no matter what the situation.

A Committed Violent Crime Lawyer Defending Your Rights In South Dakota

Attorney Paul Andrews has built a career around the zealous advocacy for his clients’ rights. His experience in state and federal courts means he has the confidence and legal knowledge to fully represent you.

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