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Notable Results

Below are just a few of the victories Paul Andrews has won in challenging cases.

SOUTH DAKOTA SUPREME COURT REVERSES CONVICTION – In a unanimous 5-0 decision, the South Dakota Supreme Court reversed the conviction of Robert Suchor, a contractor who had been found guilty of three counts of misappropriation of funds by a contractor.  On appeal, Paul successfully argued to the Supreme Court that the State had presented insufficient evidence as to each of the counts of conviction and that the Circuit Court should have granted Suchor’s Motions for Acquittal.  The Supreme Court agreed with Paul’s arguments and reversed Suchor’s conviction, 2021

DRUG POSSESSION CHARGES DISMISSED – An out-of-state motorist was stopped on Interstate 90 by a Sheriff’s Deputy who searched his car and found illegal drugs.  Paul filed a Motion to Suppress the evidence based upon the Deputy’s lack of probable cause to search the car and the unreasonably long detention of his client at the scene while a K-9 unit was called.  After Paul filed this Motion, the State Attorney’s Office dismissed all charged against Paul’s client, 2019

YOUNG ADULT DIVERSION PROGRAM PLACEMENT – Paul successfully sought placement of his client in the Young Adult Diversion Program offered by Pennington County.  This program offers non-violent offenders 25 years old and younger the opportunity to earn a second chance without the stigma of a criminal conviction on their record.  Paul has helped many young offenders take advantage of this unique program and always considers the possibility of such alternative programs when representing his clients, 2019

ASSAULT AND BATTERY AND ROBBERY CHARGES – DISMISSED.  Working closely with his client/Defendant, Paul was able to present prosecutors in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with evidence and records establishing that the alleged victim had lied to the police concerning Paul’s client.  When the alleged victim was made aware of the information Paul had obtained concerning his lying to the police, he refused to testify based on his Fifth Amendment privilege and the Commonwealth dismissed the charges just before the start of trial., 2018

SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A MINOR CHARGES – DISMISSED.  Just prior to Jury Selection, prosecutors in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts agreed to dismiss charges against Paul’s client.  Paul worked closely with an experienced investigator to accumulate evidence and witnesses that demonstrated that the alleged victim’s claims would not hold up to scrutiny.  It was only after he and his client demonstrated their resolve to take the matter to trial, however, that the Commonwealth agreed to dismiss the charges, 2018

DETENTION ORDER REVERSED – Paul successfully argued a Motion to Reconsider a detention order issued by the U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota and was able to secure his client’s release on bond after presenting the Court with critical evidence which his prior attorney had failed to present to the Court at the initial detention hearing.  Paul’s client is now back home with his family and awaiting his opportunity to clear his name at trial, 2017

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT INDICTMENT DISMISSED – Working closely with the State’s Attorney’s Office, Paul was able to obtain a dismissal of the indictment against his client in favor of a deferred prosecution agreement.  This agreement allowed his client to keep a clean record so that he could go forward with his plans to join the United States military, 2017

MOTION TO DISMISS REVERSED ON APPEAL – Paul successfully argued before the Massachusetts Court of Appeals and obtained a reversal of a Motion to Dismiss that had been granted by the district court on the basis of the Massachusetts anti-SLAPP statute.  As Plaintiff’s appellate counsel, Paul persuaded the Appeals Court that his client’s defamation case did not violate the anti-SLAPP statute and that the dismissal was improper.  The Appeals Court agreed and returned the case to the district court.  Shortly thereafter, the parties settled the case, 2017

$350,000 JURY VERDICT – Paul successfully tried a case for defamation in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts against a Canadian corporation and Canadian individual, resulting in a jury verdict for his client of $350,000.00, 2015

MOTION TO DISMISS REVERSED ON APPEAL – Paul successfully argued an appeal before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, overturning the Central District of California District Court’s dismissal of his client’s defamation case against a foreign national on the basis of forum non conveniens.  After the case was returned to the District Court, Paul was ultimately able to negotiate a settlement between the parties, 2014