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Sex Crime Charges Are High-Stakes Situations

There are two major concerns for people accused of sex crimes: their freedom and their reputation. Without aggressive and skilled advocacy, anyone facing charges of sexual crimes is in grave legal jeopardy.

At Andrews Law Office, attorney Paul Andrews has built a reputation for providing zealous, strong representation to people in their darkest moments. He can give you insight into the charges you face, which can fall into two categories: internet sex crimes and physical sex crimes.

Understanding Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes are crimes where there often was no physical contact between the accused and the victim. These charges often include:

  • Pornography: Including possession and distribution of illicit pictures of minor children or people without their consent.
  • Grooming: The cultivation of inappropriate relationships with minor children.
  • Prostitution: The promotion or procuring of paid sexual services.

While physical contact may not have necessarily happened in these cases, they still represent a serious offense. Authorities pursue these matters vigorously.

Understanding Physical Sex Crimes

Physical sex crimes involve actions where a person has received unwanted sexual contact or advances from another. This can include such crimes as:

  • Rape
  • Incest
  • Stalking
  • Sexual assault
  • Indecent exposure

Depending on the charge, you may face significant time in prison and fines. If convicted, your name can end up on a sex offender registry.

An Attorney At Your Side

Few crimes come with as negative a stigma attached as sex crimes. Anyone accused of a sex crime faces the possibility of extremely negative public attention. This can impact their relationships with spouses and employers. Something as small as an accusation can destroy a person’s life.

The stress and fear you feel are natural, but you do not have to face these serious charges alone. Attorney Paul Andrews has the experience and reputation you can trust to provide a skilled, comprehensive defense. Contact the firm today by phone at 605-718-4001 or email us here.