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How will a DUI conviction affect your employment?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | DUI |

A DUI arrest and conviction is inconveniencing to say the least. It will result in your spending a lot of time in court appearances and money on legal fees. A DUI arrest and conviction can also hurt your relationship with friends and family.

A DUI arrest and conviction can impact your life in a number of ways. Besides the legal implications like the suspension of your driver’s license, fines and incarceration, a DUI conviction can greatly hurt your current and future employment prospects.

Here are two ways a DUI conviction can hurt your employment.

DUI can hurt your job search

Having a criminal record can greatly hurt your employment prospects. This is especially true if your career involves driving. A DUI conviction on your record can make it nearly impossible to find work. Even if you are not a driver by profession, most prospective employers would shy away from hiring you if you have a criminal record.

You may need to tell your employer about your conviction

If you are convicted of drunk driving in South Dakota, the first thing you need to do is figure out whether you need to report the conviction to your employer or not. Of course, depending on the severity of the offense, you may be compelled to make this disclosure. For instance, if you have been sent to jail, then you can be sure your employer will find out either way.

Most employers have clearly spelled out guidelines for dealing with situations like this in the employee handbook. If the employee handbook makes it a requirement that you inform your employer about a conviction, then be sure to do so. Withholding this information from the employer can amount to insincerity, which can land you in trouble down the road.  After all, South Dakota is an at-will state, meaning the employer can fire you for just about any reason.

Drunk driving is a serious offense with severe consequences if convicted. Find out how you can protect your rights if you have been charged with drunk driving in South Dakota.