Defending Your Rights In Court

Whether you face a criminal charge or are party to a business dispute, Andrews Law Office, LLC, provides seasoned defense and representation to protect your rights. 

 Experienced in Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation

Andrews Law Office, LLC, is the private practice of seasoned defense attorney Paul J. Andrews. From his office in Rapid City, South Dakota, Attorney Andrews represents clients both throughout South Dakota and nationwide. For more than 20 years, he has provided dependable guidance and staunch legal defense for all matters involving criminal charges or business litigation.

Whether you are charged as an individual or your business is under investigation for its dealings, you deserve a defender who has devoted his career to providing people a fair legal defense.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Find strength with an attorney-backed defense.

DUI Defense

Protect your record and reputation for the future.

Felony Drug Possession

Uphold your rights and limit the consequences.

Civil Litigation

Settle business disputes quickly and efficiently.

Protecting Your Rights To The Fullest

When you call Andrews Law Office, you’ll work directly with attorney Paul J. Andrews. He knows that every case is different and will personalize your defense to give you your best chance of success. The consequences of a weak or no defense in the court of law are harsh, but a having a committed defender on your side can make the process (and the outcome) much easier to bear.  

As a former US Department of Justice Trial Attorney and a defense attorney from a large Boston firm, Mr. Andrews offers a unique ability to bridge state and federal cases. From your initial consultation and case assessment, until its final resolution, Mr. Andrews will fight to protect your rights and provide you with the best possible outcome.

Expertise - Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Rapid City - 2021
Challenging A Wide Range Of Criminal Charges And Business Matters


Whether you need a criminal defense attorney or civil litigation attorney, attorney Andrews can help. From petty misdemeanors to federal felonies, your case will get the same unshakable commitment to a fair hearing and trial that upholds your constitutional rights. 

From drug possessions, domestic violence, and DUIs, to business contracts and financial dealings, no matter is too small or big to ensure you get a fair trial and representation.

Talk to attorney Paul J. Andrews for all matters of criminal defense or civil litigation today by sending an email or by calling 605-638-9728. Your first consultation is always free.

Winning Cases Is What I Do

Attorney Paul J. Andrews has won cases for:

South Dakota Supreme Court Reverses Conviction

Drug Possession Charges Dismissed

Young Adult Diversion Program Placement

Assault And Battery And Robbery Charges – Dismissed

Sexual Assault Of A Minor Charges – Dismissed
Detention Order Reversed

Aggravated Assault Indictment Dismissed

Motion To Dismiss Reversed On Appeal

$350,000 Jury Verdict

Motion To Dismiss Reversed On Appeal